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Co-funded by:
7th framework programme of the European Commission, DG Research and Innovation



Structure of GHG-TransPoRD

GHG-TransPoRD is organized into seven work packages as show in the figure below. In the first three work packages (WP1, WP2, WP3) the analyses are carried out on a modal base i.e. technologies and policy measures are analysed mode by mode from different specialised partners of the Consortium. Within these three work packages there exists a logical sequence that WP1 provides the framework given by the innovation system of the transport sector, WP2 screens the potential technologies & policies and assesses their best case potential saving of GHG emissions (i.e. the indicator "max. saved ton CO2-equivalent"). Finally, in WP3 the concrete technical specifications to derive the economic parameters of measures is specified and the direct cost of the measure is estimated.

Based on the detailed specifications of measures by mode WP4 and WP5 continue with the integrated part of the analysis. WP4 provides the model-based integrated assessment of real-world applications of measures considering the competition and interdependencies between modes, which in many cases will lead to lower savings of CO2 then estimated as the maximum potential savings in WP2/WP3. WP5 links the findings for specific technologies and single measures to the broad research and transport policy strategy thus providing input in terms of scenario design and policy packaging for WP4 analyses as well as receiving the results of the integrated assessment of WP4 to generate the final recommendations for the development of an EU strategy in which transport related R&D and transport policy making are integrated.

The two further work packages provide continuous support to GHG-TransPoRD in terms of setting-up and maintaining the communication with stakeholders and other research teams to communicate findings of GHG-TransPoRD and supporting their research, in terms of setting-up the Stakeholder Council and maintaining the contacts to the other external experts (WP6) and in terms of managing the project concerning administration, financial issues, control and validation of progress (WP7).