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7th framework programme of the European Commission, DG Research and Innovation




Links exist to three groups of projects (mitigation cluster, adaptation cluster, past and ongoing related projects) as well as to parallel processes e.g. the development and implementation of the new European Transport White Paper in 2010.

Transport GHG mitigation cluster:

TOSCA - Technology Options and Strategies Toward Climate-Friendly Transport (http://www.toscaproject.org/)

REACT – Supporting research on climate friendly transport (http://www.react-transport.eu/)

Transport GHG adaptation cluster:

WEATHER – Weather extremes: assessment of impacts on transport systems and hazards for European regions (http://www.weather-project.eu/)

EWENT - Effects of extreme weather impacts on European transport ()

Past and ongoing related projects:

iTREN-2030 - Integrated transport and energy baseline until 2030 (http://isi.fraunhofer.de/isi/projects/itren-2030/)

EU Transport GHG: Routes to 2050? (http://www.eutransportghg2050.eu/)

TRANSVISION – Transport Scenarios with a 20 and 40 Year Horizon (http://www.mcrit.com/transvisions/)

FREIGHTVISION – Freight transport foresight 2050 (http://www.freightvision.eu/)

ADAM – Adaptation and mitigation strategies: supporting European climate policy (http://adamproject.info/index.php/Download-document/473-D-M1.3.html)

TRIAS – Sustainability Impact Assessment of Strategies Integrating Transport, Technology and Energy Scenarios (http://isi.fraunhofer.de/isi/projects/trias/)

German policy scenarios for climate protection (PSz-IV: http://www.umweltdaten.de/publikationen/fpdf-l/3361.pdf, PSz-V: http://www.umweltdaten.de/publikationen/fpdf-l/3764.pdf)

Netherlands study Getting into the Right Lane for 2050 (http://www.pbl.nl/en/publications/2009/Getting-to-the-Right-Lane-for-2050.-A-primer-for-debate.html)