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Techno-economic analysis of scenarios and policy packages to achieve GHG reductions of transport

The purpose of the 4th workshop of GHG-TransPoRD was to discuss intermediate findings of the project with stakeholders and policy-makers. The topics that were to be discussed concerned:

  1. The modelling approaches applied by GHG-TransPoRD for the scenario analyses i. e. the structure of the models ASTRA, POLES, TREMOVE and MARS, and the ways policies can be implemented in these models.
  2. The results of the first three policy scenarios as well as suggestions for the set-up of further scenarios to be assessed. The three scenarios included a maximum technology scenario, a technology scenario with a GHG reduction target of - 60% by 2050 and a mixed technology and policy scenario for the same target.
The workshop was attended by about 40 participants on the modelling day and about 55 participants on the scenarios day. The participants were coming from industry, in particular from the road sector and the energy sector, from policy-makers, from national research institutions and the academia. Presentations were provided from speakers of the project on the project set-up, on the four models, on the way scenarios have been defined, on scenario results for the different modes and on the economic aspects of climate policy. The workshop was concluded by a panel of stakeholders and policy-makers that were asked to comment on the scenarios and to provide recommendations for further scenario definition. A summary of the discussions and recommendations is provided by the GHG-TransPoRD project as well as that all presentations have been put on this website.

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Day 1 - Sept 26th, 2011
Day 2 - Sept 27th, 2011