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Co-funded by:
7th framework programme of the European Commission, DG Research and Innovation



R&D strategies, innovations, learning and cost of measures to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions of transport

The 3rd workshop of the GHG-TransPoRD project was organized in Brussels on December 14th and 15th 2010. The 3rd workshop was structured into two days with different focus. On the first day we discussed the R&D strategies and the innovation system in the transport sector, which is important to understand when designing R&D strategies for GHG reductions of transport. On the second day we elaborated on the potential cost developments of selected GHG reduction measures for each transport mode, for biofuels, urban measures and national policies. The selection of the measures was based on the analyses of GHG‐TransPoRD that have been discussed with stakeholders at the joint IEA/GHG‐TransPoRD workshop in Paris in June 2010. Details and presentations of this workshop as well as related deliverables can be found here: Workshop 1, Workshop 2.

The workshop was organised as plenary sessions with sufficient time for questions, feedback and discussions. More than 60 participants from industry with all modes represented, from policy-makers, from global institutions and the academia contributed to the workshop. A summary of the discussions and recommendations is provided by the GHG-TransPoRD project as well as that all presentations have been put on this website.