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7th framework programme of the European Commission, DG Research and Innovation



Measures for GHG reductions from road and rail transport

This workshop was co-organised by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the GHG-TransPoRD project on June 17th 2010 in Paris. The purpose of the workshop was to discuss GHG reduction measures of road and rail transport until 2020 and for the long run until 2050. To this end, GHG-TransPoRD proposed a draft list of measures and a ranking of their reduction potentials. These were presented and discussed with stakeholders in order to identify knowledge gaps in terms of potential further measures and in terms of verification of the reduction estimates. Besides plenary and group discussion stakeholders were also offered the opportunity to respond by questionnaire concerning the proposed evaluation of each measure. The discussion on measures was embedded into an analysis of the larger framework of innovations and R&D strategies in the transport sector.

The flyer of the workshop as well as the presentation given by members of the project team of GHG-TransPoRD and by the invited stakeholders can be downloaded below. The presentations are ordered according to the session structure of the workshop.

Innovations and R&D in the transport sector:

GHG reduction measures in road and rail transport:

General road and urban policies

Road biofuels

Rail measures and technologies