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Final Conference: November 29th, 2011, at EESC in Brussels

Reducing greenhouse-gas emissions of transport beyond 2020: linking R&D, transport policies and reduction targets

The purpose of the Final Conference was to present both the project conclusions and the steps to achieve them in a comprehensive manner. The Conference thus commenced with a project overview and the analysis of R&D activities and the innovation system in the transport sector. Second the portfolio of potential GHG reduction measures for all modes was explained. The main part of the conference was to present the GHG reduction scenarios consisting of bundles of measures and to draw conclusions from the scenario results. Finally, suitable greenhouse gas reduction targets for transport for 2020, 2030 and 2050 have been proposed by GHG-TransPoRD, recommending that suitable targets for GHG emissions of EU27 transport would be -20 to -30% until 2030 and -60 to -70% until 2050 compared to 1990.

The conference then concluded by a presentation from Prof. Dan Sperling on the Californian approach to climate policy making in the transport sector providing suggestions for most promising policies and by a panel discussion with stakeholders from the European Commission, the road vehicle industry and academia.
The panel also expressed the view that technologies to strongly reduce GHG emissions of transport are at the hands of the industry. However, to bring these technologies forcefully to the market policy-making should ensure certainty about policy goals and, in particular, about GHG reduction requirements.

The final conference was jointly organised by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and the GHG-TransPoRD project. The EESC hosted the conference in their premises. The conference was attended by about 60 participants. The participants were coming from industry, in particular from the road sector and the energy sector, from policy-makers, from national research institutions and the academia. A summary of the discussions and recommendations is provided by the GHG-TransPoRD project. Together with the programme, the input note of GHG-TransPoRD and two invited expert papers the summary can be downloaded below. The proposed GHG reduction targets and all presentations have been put on this website as well.

Download flyer and program ( 304 KB)
Download input note of GHG-TransPoRD ( 515 KB)
Download input paper California, Prof. Dan Sperling (517 KB)
Download input paper China, Prof. Wang Yi ( 2,3 MB)
Download conference summary (292 KB)

GHG reduction targets of transport

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