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Innovation system Transport (ISyT)

Starting point of the analysis of the Innovation System transport (ISyT) was the description of the current R&D efforts of the different actors in the transport sector as well as their sources of R&D funding. The road sector reveals the largest R&D budgets followed by air transport, though R&D intensity is even higher for air transport than for road transport, while it is lowest for rail and ship transport.

GHG-TransPoRD analysed the volume and direction of present research efforts of both industry and public players, supplemented by an analysis of patent applications. This quantitative snapshot is complemented by the qualitative assessment of the innovation system transport (ISyT), which goes beyond the narrow focus of R&D but sketches out the interlinkages between major R&D players, instruments, functions etc. that are relevant for innovation in the transport sector. The ISyT was developed on a modal scope and the recommendation was derived to extend the analysis by three integrative innovation system analyses: logistics technologies, passenger and freight transport. These analyses are reported in GHG-TransPoRD Deliverable D1.1.