ERACEP is a Coordination and Support Action funded by the European Research Council Executive Agency of the European Commission for 3 years starting at October 1 st , 2009 (Grant No. 240777-ERACEP): Emerging Research Areas and their Coverage by ERC-supported Projects.

A key challenge for the ERC is to set up an appropriate evaluation and assessment framework that is robust and flexible. This framework should enable the scientific council to take necessary measures for optimising its scientific strategy and for the Commission to develop the evidence needed for rigorous appraisals of the ERC's activities in the longer term. In order to assist these activities, the ERC is funding various Coordination and Support Actions. In the respective ERC-support 2009 call among others proposals were invited on emerging research areas. The bottom-up approach of the ERC funding schemes is flexible and responsive to new lines of research discovery which may have an impact on the development of dynamic, creative and innovative areas of research in Europe. In the framework of this call tools should be developed and analyses carried out to capture and map ERC-funded research within the landscape of science and draw implications for the emergence of new fields, Europe's comparative performance vis-à-vis the rest of the world or opportunities for knowledge transfer and uptake.

The ERACEP project was selected from this call. It aims at identifying topically emerging research areas and analysing to what extent research supported by the ERC covers and contributes to these areas.